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It’s another weary day

I am standing against the window

staring outside with a blankface

thoughts of you

keep lingering my mind

missing the same old days of us together

hoping you were still here

I keep hearing your voice

calling my name

your laugh echoed all over this room

I can still feel your touch

your tight warm embrace

your hands used to hold mine
Do you still remember?

you promise to never leave me

were gonna grow old together

but where are you now?


why I am talking to myself

I feel like a fool

and these all your fault
You left me hanging

everything seems so dark

I feel so numb

you took away the light

including my heart

now I am left alone

I couldn’t help but weep

but even  tears wouldn’t help

you are totally goneIf

this is all just a dream

somebody wake me up

from this nightmare.


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