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Mark Twain


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Ms. Intramurals 2011

Pictures taken during the pictorials for the Ms. Intramurals. 🙂

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…taken during my college.

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It’s another weary day

I am standing against the window

staring outside with a blankface

thoughts of you

keep lingering my mind

missing the same old days of us together

hoping you were still here

I keep hearing your voice

calling my name

your laugh echoed all over this room

I can still feel your touch

your tight warm embrace

your hands used to hold mine
Do you still remember?

you promise to never leave me

were gonna grow old together

but where are you now?


why I am talking to myself

I feel like a fool

and these all your fault
You left me hanging

everything seems so dark

I feel so numb

you took away the light

including my heart

now I am left alone

I couldn’t help but weep

but even  tears wouldn’t help

you are totally goneIf

this is all just a dream

somebody wake me up

from this nightmare.

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When I utter such words

I feel something different deep within

A certain strong feeling that I can’t explain

Something new and unusual

The main reason why

I get to remember someone;

A boy who confess his love for me

Saying he never felt such feeling to

Another girl before

I only stared at him

Uncertain of what to answer

Shock was an understatement

When he grabbed my arm

Pull me towards him and embrace me tight

Whispering words of love

Holding me like there’s no tomorrow

I was lost right then

All I ever think about is the

Sensation of his warmth against mine

His breath fanning against my skin

His solid arms wrapped around me

We stared into each others eyes

No need for words

Our eyes speaks it all

When his lips meets mine

Oh! Pure bliss

I only wish we could stay this way forever

It’s like we have agreed to something that time

As the days passes by

We continue to feel the same

Every afternoon we meet at our secret rendezvous

Walking while holding each other’s hand

Laughing together, eating together

Thought that day won’t last

When he suddenly said he’s leaving

His family decides to leave to another place

When I heard those words

It took me a while before I understand what he’s saying

But one thing for sure

He’ll be leaving me

Tears roll down my cheeks

I could feel my heart would burst any moment

I’m gonna lose the person who make me feel I am so love

I am going to lose my happiness and my best friend

I reached for his face

Touching and memorizing every inch of it

Keeping it in my memory

He stared back at me, with tears in his eyes

Eyes full of love and PROMISE

I’ve waited for days

Then days turn into months

Months turn into years

With hope in my heart

That someday he will comeback

I still visit our secret place

Reminiscing bitter sweet memories

Yet I know there is something missing

I started thinking and it starts to bother me

What if he had forgotten everything about me

Forgot his promise

Another year passes by

I am still in love with the boy

But the hope has gone that maybe he’ll return for me

Yet I know in my heart my love for him will remain forever

Knowing he may have forgotten me

Remembering these brought tears into my eyes

One afternoon, I was at that same place again

Watching the sunset, remembering the boy

I was about to cry again

When someone from behind

Grab me and lock his body to mine

Speechless for a moment

I tried to get away

When the arms tightens more and held me closer

“Let me hold you like this, I miss you so much”

the person from behind whispered

I couldn’t forget that same voice, it’s him!

I knew it was him, he has returned!

Tears roll down my cheeks

He has return for me!

I though I would never feel this way again

Would never see the boy who was now a man who

Took my heart away

In that very same place

At last I have seen the sunset again with a smile in my heart

My life is now complete.

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